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Topics Covered In a set of Two DVD


1. What is Macro?

i. VBA Editor, Project Explorer, Code Pane, and Properties Window

ii. The Object Browser

iii. Assign Macro


2. Recording Macro

i. How to record Macro

ii. Shortcut keys

iii. Limitations of Recoding

iv. How to Optimize Recorded Macro


3. Recording Macro R1C1 Style

i. Convert R1C1 Style into general


4. What is Variable?

i. Type

ii. Scope

iii. Assign

iv. Value transfer

v. Declaration (Implicit / Explicit)

vi. Local, Static, Global


5. Object Model

i. Hierarchy

ii. Property/Event/Method


6. Difference Between Subroutine and Function with example


7. Worksheet Concept

i. Different way to refer the Sheet (By Name, By Index)

ii. Visibility

iii. Renaming

iv. Deletion (Single/Multiple)

v. Insertion (Single/Multiple)

vi. Referring multiple sheets

vii. Copy

viii. Moving


8. Workbook and Windows Concept

i. Opening

ii. Activation

iii. State (Minimize/Maximize/Resize)

iv. Active window

v. Not Operator


9. Refer Cell, Range, Columns, Row

i. Consecutive Range

ii. Split range

iii. Column Selection (Single/Multiple)

iv. Row Selection (Single/Multiple)

v. Difference between Cell and Range


10. With Statement


11. Current Region and Used Range concept


12. Special Cells

i. Comments

ii. Formula

iii. Visible

iv. Constant

v. Last Row

vi. Blank


13. Filter Data

i. Single Criteria

ii. Multiple Criteria

iii. AND operator

iv. OR Operator

v. Like Operator

vi. Top item

vii. Bottom item


14. IF Statement

i. Simple if

ii. If and Else

iii. Sorting example

iv. Msgbox

v. If else with Msgbox integration

vi. Multiple Elseif

vii. Nested if


15. String and Conversion Functions

i. Concatenation

ii. Split

iii. Ucase

iv. Lcase

v. Instr

vi. Validation

vii. Len

viii. Cint

ix. Val


16. Offset Statement

i. Current region

ii. Resize Range

iii. Set


17. While Loop

i. With Conditions

ii. Play with variable

iii. Inputbox

iv. Increment Decrement

v. Is Empty


18. For Loop (More than 10 Example)


19. Nested For Loop (Multiple Example)


20. Nested For Loop (Pyramid creation) - Multiple Example


21. For Each loop (More than 15 Practical Examples)


22. Nested For Each Loop


23. Function Procedure (More than 15 example)

i. Function through looping (for and For each)

ii. Inbuilt Function (Multiple Examples)


24. Event Handling

i. Intersection


25. Select Case Statement

i. Difference between if and select case

ii. Select case with Function Procedure

iii. Calling Procedure


26. Charts Concept

Advance Topic


27. Array

i. Option Base

ii. Fixed Size

iii. One Dimensional

iv. Dynamic array

v. LBound, UBound

vi. Redim

vii. Two Dimensional


28. Error Handling Techniquesi. Error Type

i. On Error Resume Next

ii. On Error Goto Label

iii. On Error Resume Again

iv. On Error Goto 0


29. Calling Function in a Procedure

i. Through File Handling Example

ii. Through Function Procedure


30. Connectivity with MS Access

i. Database Connectivity

ii. Early Binding

iii. Late Binding

iv. Reference Library


vi. Recordset

vii. Connection Testing

viii. Connection String

ix. Run SQL Query through VBA

x. Import data from MS Access or SQL Server


31. Connectivity with PowerPoint

i. New Instance Creation

ii. Initialization application

iii. Slide

iv. Layout Slide

v. Textframe

vi. Add Multiple Slides

vii. Copy data from Excel and paste in PowerPoint

viii. Copy Chart from Excel and paste in PowerPoint Slides

ix. Positioning

x. Size


32. Connectivity with MS Word


33. Web scrapping

i. Website Navigation

ii. How to Inspect Element and their respective values

iii. Innertext; Outertext ; ReadyState ; Doevents

iv. Pull up the Data from Website

v. Pull up values from multiple Webpages

vi. Extract the Data by id

vii. Extract multiple value by Class and through multiple Webpages

viii. Extract Hyperlinks from website by Anchor Tag


34. Connectivity with Outlook

i. Invoke Outlook

ii. Mail Item; Subject; To; CC; BCC etc.

iii. Send Basic Email through VBA-Macro

iv. Send Mail to multiple recipient

v. Add Attachment

vi. Add Body Information

vii. Insert HTML Tag in Outlook Mail

viii. Send Mail to multiple recipient along with Excel data in range (Array)


35. Userform

i. Label

ii. Combobox

iii. Listbox

iv. OptionButton

v. Checkbox

vi. Image

vii. Frame

viii. ToggleButton

ix. Scrollbar

x. SpinBar

xi. Property Window

xii. How to handle Event (On File opening; Click, DoubleClick; Initialization; Activate; before Entry; before Exit etc.)

xiii. Validate User input (Multiple Examples)

xiv. Form as per Application Size (Hiding Excel)

xv. Disable Application Visibility


36. Deal with PDF

i. Export data into PDF


37. Project Work

i. How to automate a report

ii. File handling

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